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Myths and Facts About Skin Tightening

Is your skin losing elasticity? If so, are you thinking about getting a treatment to tighten it up? Read on to get a better understanding of the facts and myths surrounding skin tightening treatments.

Nov 15th, 2021
Freeze Away Excess Body Fat With CoolSculpting

Do you have fat deposits that won’t respond to dieting and exercise? Find out how a non-invasive treatment using low temperatures can destroy fat cells and give you the curves you’ve always dreamed of.

Oct 12th, 2021
The Secret to a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty

A poorly done nose job can leave you looking and feeling worse than you did before the surgery. Learn how we help you achieve natural-looking rhinoplasty results that can transform your appearance.

Sep 13th, 2021
New Years Consultation

New Year’s Consultation If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to improve the way you look, your next decision would be choosing the best surgeon to meet your needs.

Jan 18th, 2018
12 Days of Beauty

Most everyone looks forward to the holidays. Spending more time with family and friends, giving thanks for shared traditions and making memories is what this season is all about.

Nov 30th, 2017
Holiday Stress on Your Skin

Most everyone looks forward to the holidays. Spending more time with family and friends, giving thanks for shared traditions and making memories is what this season is all about.

Nov 20th, 2017
Orange Peel Skin

Love the taste of oranges? Full of vitamin C and a great source of fiber, the orange is full of health benefits as is its protective covering. The orange peel may be even richer in nutrients but it’s rarely eaten because of its bitter taste.

Oct 24th, 2017
Shed the Dead

It’s something we do every day. It’s not a big deal. In fact, we don’t usually give it a second thought but it’s almost as important as breathing.

Sep 25th, 2017
Get Even

Dr. Kenneth Sanders Everyone may be gearing up for the new school year, but summer is far from over.

Aug 16th, 2017
A Healthier Summer Look

Dr. Kenneth Sanders SkinMedica has added another beneficial skin care product to their line up of incredible products. It’s called the HA5 Lip Plump System and it promises more than just fuller lips.

Jul 3rd, 2017
Jane in June

Dr. Kenneth Sanders Effortless, sophisticated, flawless, beautifully balanced… these are the buzzwords for this year’s spring makeup trends.

May 30th, 2017
Doctors Expose Skin Care Secret

Dr. Kenneth Sanders May is Filler Month “Doctors Expose Skin Care Secret!” “Reduce 98% Wrinkles in 1 Minute!” “New Miracle Anti Aging Serum – Works in just 2 Minutes!”

May 9th, 2017
Anti-Aging to Age Rewind

Dr. Kenneth Sanders Botox injections have been the answer for men and women who wish to obtain a more youthful appearance.

Apr 3rd, 2017
Hollywood’s Hottest Secret

Dr. Kenneth Sanders Move over “Bond” girls. Now everyone can have your beautiful skin. With an instrument that looks like...

Mar 2nd, 2017
Lashing Out

Dr. Kenneth Sanders One of the first things we notice about other people is their eyes. We use our eyes to communicate often in ways that words cannot.

Nov 11th, 2016
Autumn Skin

Autumn Skin Dr. Kenneth Sanders Ahhhhhh – autumn – fresher days, cooler evenings, crispness in the air. Just saying it out loud makes you feel fresh…like grabbing your windbreaker and heading outside to enjoy the crispness in the air.

Oct 6th, 2016
Your Face on a String

Your Face on a String Dr. Kenneth Sanders How does this sound? Facial tissue repositioning with barbed sutures.

Aug 24th, 2016
Laser That Fluff Please!

Laser That Fluff Please! Dr. Kenneth Sanders In our culture, summer clothes and excess body hair equal a fashion disaster.

Jul 28th, 2016
Keep Your Chin Up With Kybella

Keep Your Chin Up With Kybella Dr. Kenneth Sanders For some people, this cheerful little idiom is easier said than done.

Jun 28th, 2016
Give the Gift of Confidence for Graduation

High School graduations are right around the corner. For the graduate, it’s a time of excitement for what the future holds. Parents, teachers and mentors will be offering these students advice to “find their passions,” “reach for the stars,”...

Apr 29th, 2016
Introducing the Pure Skin Med Spa

On any given day, as you relax to enjoy a television program, chances are you will run across an infomercial advertising skin care products.

Feb 24th, 2016
Say Goodbye to Thin Lips

On February 5th, we will be hosting our one day only Lip Filler event! Guests will receive $150 off a syringe of Juvederm Ultra (a $525 value).

Jan 26th, 2016
Time Marches On – Protect Your Face from Aging

TIME MARCHES ON – But it needs to stay off your face! We age. This is a fact and we haven’t figured out a way to make the process stop. What we have discovered is practices that can help slow it down a bit. First, start now. As soon as possible.

Dec 22nd, 2015
Time For A Facelift?

Time For A Facelift? Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” won Song of the Year in 1979. More recently, Bruno Mars’ hit with the same title croons,...

Nov 23rd, 2015
Dr. Sanders brings Kybella to North Louisiana

This past Wednesday, August 12th, Dr. Kenneth Sanders of Knight and Sanders Plastic Surgery introduced the revolutionary product KybellaTM to North Louisiana and performed the areas first KybellaTM treatments at his office in Shreveport, LA

Aug 14th, 2015
Micro-Needling and PRP

Have you explored the possibilities of micro-needling? Micro-needling has quickly grown in popularity as one of the easiest and most effective skin treatments available.

Aug 10th, 2015
5 Ways to Protect Your Skin this Summer

Sunday, June 21st, was the first official day of summer! Those endless rays of sun have a way of drawing you outside but there’s nothing quite like that summer heat to remind you just how sensitive your skin really is.

Jun 25th, 2015