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Meet the Team

Experience Matters

Hey there! I’m Leah, your go-to person at the front desk. Joining this team was like finding a second family—the camaraderie here is just amazing. We all really click, and nothing beats sharing a good laugh to make our workday fly by! What I absolutely love about my job is seeing all the happy faces. Being the first to greet our patients means I get to see the incredible transformations firsthand. It’s awesome to witness how our team helps boost everyone’s confidence. Away from work, my world revolves around my awesome husband, Aaron. We’re pretty much inseparable! Whether we’re at a Koe Wetzel concert (can’t wait for Zach Bryan next!), trying out new eateries (we’re total foodies!), or just chilling out on a lake fishing, we’re always up for an adventure. And yes, when we’re golfing, I’m the one driving the cart—Aaron does all the swinging! After a busy day, nothing beats a good workout or just kicking back and watching the sunset. And, of course, horseback riding is my ultimate escape. Speaking of horses, not everyone knows this, but I compete in professional rodeos. Barrel racing and breakaway roping have been my passion since I was little, and I even ride horses that I’ve trained myself. So, that’s a little peek into my life. I’m here to make your visit smooth and enjoyable, and I can’t wait to meet you and share in your journey to a more confident you!

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