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At Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastics Surgery serving Shreveport, Bossier City, and the rest of Northern Louisiana,  we offer a full spectrum of facial cosmetic surgeries. One of the most sought-out surgeries is a facelift. This procedure focuses on precise sections of the face to tighten loose skin and create a younger, softer appearance. A facelift can focus on the eyes, the cheeks and mid-face, the bottom portion including the jowls, mouth, neck, and more for an all-around youthful look depending on your concerns and goals. The facelift technique depends on many factors like your goals, the condition of your skin, the amount of laxity present, age, lifestyle, and other influences. Some men and women have skin laxity for a full facelift while others may only need a mid-face lift. Dr.  Sanders has extensive training and experience, and he understands the complexity and delicate anatomy of the facelift procedure. His goal, as always, is to create  a natural appearance that's gorgeous, subtle,  yet striking.


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Not quite ready for a facelift? Try our minimally invasive procedure called FACETITE. It does wonders especially when coupled with 3 sessions of  Morpeus8

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