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Close-up of a woman's chin


Submental fat is the fat between your chin and neck, which causes the appearance of a “double chin.” This can affect a broad range of adults because it’s not limited to people who are overweight: it can be caused by genetics and aging as well, and it can often be resistant to diet and exercise.

That’s where Kybella® comes in. Kybella® is identical to the deoxycholic acid that is produced in the body. Deoxycholic acid produced in the body helps the body absorb fats. Kybella® is a cytolytic drug, which when properly injected into submental fat, destroys fat cells. Kybella® received FDA approval in April of 2015, making it the first and only non-surgical procedure to eliminate sub-mental fat.


The advantages of choosing this groundbreaking injectable - Kybella

  • Completely non-surgical

  • Minimally invasive – a series of painless injections without the need for anesthesia

  • Can provide an effective alternative to chin liposuction when sufficient treatment sessions are undertaken

  • Get back to your normal activities immediately after your appointment

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