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Side profile of a woman with a nose job

(Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty serves as a cosmetic procedure and plastic surgery procedure that enhances your facial features, as well as a type of reconstructive surgery to repair structural problems that affect your breathing. For individuals seeking rhinoplasty, our procedure encompasses a specialized approach that addresses diverse aesthetic preferences, including those of African American heritage.

Rhinoplasty, or as it’s more commonly known, a nose job, ranks as the top cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. Many patients, including those seeking the expertise of an African American rhinoplasty surgeon, prefer our services. They contact Dr. Kenneth Sanders, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Shreveport, because they recognize his expertise and reputation for creating natural-looking results. At Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery in Shreveport, Louisiana, widely acknowledged as one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Louisiana, you can experience a rhinoplasty procedure in the calm, relaxing atmosphere of their fully accredited on-site surgical facility, Spring Lake Surgery Center. If you’re unhappy with your nose or seeking specific services like ethnic rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty in the New Orleans region...or anywhere... call our office to request an appointment today!

During cosmetic rhinoplasty, Dr. Sanders improves your appearance with changes such as:

  • Reducing the size of your nose

  • Straightening a crooked nose

  • Changing the width of the bridge

  • Changing the size or shape of nostrils

  • Removing a bump on the bridge

  • Eliminating a depression

  • Reshaping the nose/nasal tip

  • Restoring symmetry

What happens during my rhinoplasty consultation?

Achieving a natural-appearing nose without any evidence of surgery is one of Dr. Sanders’ favorite procedures and specialties. In addition to ensuring your nose appears natural, your rhinoplasty must meet your expectations. That’s one of the top goals during your consultation.

Dr. Sanders talks with you about the changes you want to make and how you envision your new nose. He evaluates your nose and overall facial structure, considers the improvements you want, and determines if they’re realistic. Dr. Sanders considers if the new shape or size is in proportion to your face and whether your facial architecture can support the changes you want. He talks with you about any potential concerns so you can work with him to create your perfect rhinoplasty results. We use 3D photography and 3D morphing software by Vectra and we have 3D prints made by Mirror Me 3D. The 3D capabilities and the 3D prints allow unprecedented accuracy and precision in all measurements used during rhinoplasty planning and execution.

3d images of a nose pre-op, simulated rhinoplasty, and simulated rhinoplasty with a chin augmentation.

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Discover the artistry of nose job/ rhinoplasty in Shreveport, Louisiana.
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