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Sanders Aesthetic
Facial Training


At SAFT (Sanders Aesthetic Facial Training), we're dedicated to elevating your expertise in facial aesthetics. Our progressive educational program offers a range of learning opportunities, from the Basic course of cosmetic injectables for beginners to the Advanced course for experienced practitioners.

Our hands-on injectables workshops immerse clinicians in the art and science of facial aesthetics, providing over two decades of valuable insights and technical expertise. Whether you're just starting or have years of experience, SAFT is your pathway to mastering nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Join us on this journey of professional growth and excellence.



Little to No Experience

1 Year Experience Required

 2 Years Experience Required

Join our intensive workshop to master the #1 aesthetic procedures in the United States - botulinum toxin injections and HA dermal fillers. In this comprehensive course, spanning four hours, you'll gain invaluable insights into using neuromodulators for both upper and lower facial applications. Our expert Dr. Kenneth Sanders guides you through injection techniques and address important topics such as facial anatomy, toxin differentiation, dosage strength, reconstitution, complications, and patient expectations. Our hands-on workshops also covers the practical application of HA dermal fillers in the mid to lower face. You'll receive expert guidance on injection techniques while delving into facial anatomy, differentiating HA dermal fillers, managing complications, and aligning with patient treatment goals. Prepare to elevate your expertise in facial aesthetics.

For clinicians with one or more years of injection experience, our advanced four-hour workshop is designed to take your skills to the next level. This program explores more refined techniques, focusing on competency with dermal fillers in areas such as the cheeks, temples, tear troughs, and peri-oral region. Interpreting Facial Anatomy and Physiology: This course equips participants with the ability to interpret principles of facial anatomy and physiology. This includes understanding gender- and ethnic-relevant differences, as well as the impact of aging on facial aesthetics. By honing this skill, clinicians can accurately assess the need for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation and create tailored treatment plans for their patients. Comprehensive Patient Assessment: The program emphasizes the importance of conducting comprehensive and individualized patient assessments. These assessments are performed within the context of relevant cultural and gender aesthetic considerations. By mastering this skill, clinicians can manage patient expectations effectively, contributing to higher levels of patient satisfaction. Understanding Muscle Activity and Volume Deficits: Participants learn to interpret areas of muscle activity and facial volume deficits and their contribution to aesthetic appearance. This knowledge allows clinicians to identify the most appropriate injection sites, ensuring precise and effective treatment. Injection Techniques for Nonsurgical Rejuvenation: The course provides in-depth training in injection techniques for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. This practical skill-building ensures that clinicians can confidently perform injections, placing products optimally to achieve the desired results. Enhanced Injection Skills: Clinicians enhance their injection skills throughout the program. This focus on skill improvement aims to optimize patient outcomes and satisfaction. Nonsurgical Rejuvenation in Younger Patients: The course covers strategies for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation in younger patients. This approach aims to enhance and maintain the quality of outcomes over time, ensuring long-term patient satisfaction. Recognizing Anatomical Structures: Finally, clinicians are taught to recognize the normal and atypical positions of critical vascular and neurologic structures within the face. This knowledge is essential for patient safety and for avoiding or minimizing treatment complications.

Our Advanced Dermal Filler Training workship is designed for experienced injectors seeking to elevate their expertise to the next level. This comprehensive four-hour course delves into advanced techniques, including cannula usage, to effectively volumize and lift the aging face. Throughout the curriculum, participants engage in discussions covering dermal filler complications and gain valuable insights into their management. This includes exploring the use of hyaluronic acid reversal agents, providing clinicians with a well-rounded understanding of advanced treatment options and safety protocols. This course is tailored to practitioners who have a solid foundation in dermal fillers and are eager to expand their skill set to offer more advanced treatments and ensure optimal patient outcomes.


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