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Close up of a woman's chin

Submental Liposuction (chin)

A double chin is the result of aging, genetics or a poor diet. This condition is known as submental fullness in the medical world and can dramatically impact a person’s confidence. There are also real-world issues associated with having a double chin. In work and social life, you may find that others discriminate against you unfairly. While harsh, it may prove impossible to shift these perceptions.

The chin and neck region may develop excess volume that looks like an extra chin. An ill-defined jawline is also responsible for the appearance of excess volume. For many other individuals, weight issues can negatively impact facial aesthetics. In all cases, seeking treatment from an experienced plastic surgeon may represent your best option for improving the appearance of the jawline and neck.

Some of the contributing factors that lead to the development of a double chin include loose skin, excess fat deposits in the neck, sagging platysma muscle, a weak chin or a drooped salivary gland. Note that excess fat is not the only potential cause of a double chin in women or men.

When fat deposits play a significant role in the development of a double chin, liposuction is an effective treatment at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastics Surgery under the skilled hands of Dr. Sanders. This sculpting procedure involves removing fat from around the chin and neck. Results include a smoother, stronger and more attractive jawline.

Contouring and removal of excess fat give the impression that you’ve lost weight.

side image of a man


Neck liposuction can be an effective alternative to a neck lift or facelift for some patients. Reduction of fat in the area reveals a defined, sculpted jawline. You can appear younger, thinner, and more attractive when the fatty deposits under the chin are reduced.

photo of a woman with her hand to her chin


A neck liposuction procedure can be combined with other skin treatments or cosmetic procedures for full facial rejuvenation. Laser skin resurfacing or the addition of a custom medical grade chemical peel may be advised to fully rejuvenate face, neck, and jaw, and give you a fresh, youthful glow.

photo of a woman resting her hand on her jaw


Liposuction is a short procedure, and most men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of excess fat under the chin and upper neck area are good candidates for the procedure. This treatment is an excellent way resolve fatty deposits on the neck for those who are a normal weight but genetically programmed to develop fat deposits on the neck and beneath the chin.

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