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Multi-Racial Side View of Faces



Facial volume loss that leads to wrinkles, thin lips, and undefined facial features doesn’t always require extensive or invasive correction. Many patients with visible aging are not ready to undergo procedures that require extensive recovery periods and may result in associated surgical scars. Injectables are non-surgical facial enhancing procedures with minimal downtime performed in our office. With a variety of injectables to choose from, patients from Shreveport, Bossier City and the rest of North Louisiana can rest assured that your treatment will meet your specific needs.

*We do not use botox on pregnant 
or breastfeeding persons. 

Our goal, as always at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery, is to make you look refreshed without the hallmarks of over-treatment. He focuses on creating beautiful and natural looking results with fillers and Botox.

At the time of an individual consultation, Dr. Sanders will advise which type of filler is best for a given area.

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