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What’s Trending in Shreveport Plastic Surgery: Beard Transplant Facts

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

If there’s one thing everyone can say about movies like The Hobbit, it has to be something around the lines of “there sure are a lot of beards flying around.” Whether it might have sparked the trend or not, the fact is that these days, beard transplants are all the rage in Louisiana’s Port City and beyond, practically flooding local practices with requests for treatment. In fact, here’s what Dr. Meera Dalal said in an article in CBC News:

Rudy Ionides recently had a beard transplant and has absolutely no regrets.

“I felt uncomfortable growing out a beard before because I had some patches that didn’t grow in the same way. Now I’m much more confident.”

And he’s not the only one. Beard transplants are a growing trend — literally. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (an association of physicians) found that the number of facial hair transplants increased by 9.5 per cent globally from 2010 to 2012.

Why Beards?

Many men find it difficult to grow a full and ‘proper’ beard, so it is typically used as a measure of someone’s masculinity and general ‘toughness’. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, having a nice, clean beard is always hot with the ladies.

What It Entails

You too, can have the facial hair you’ve always wanted if you get a treatment from plastic surgery practices like Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery. However, know that, just as in conventional hair transplant techniques, the fuzz will have to come from somewhere, and oftentimes, it’ll be from the back of your scalp since it most resembles the hair that grows on your chin.

Not Just Goatees

The good news is that facial hair transplant isn’t just for goatees and stashes, you can even have your eyebrows and sideburns done! This involves a microsurgical technique that might require you to take a few days off work for recovery, so be prepared for the post-operation days.

Permanent Results

Hair transplant procedures are generally permanent, and if you intend to keep the transplanted hair, what’s a few days off to wait out the results you want? You might notice that after a few weeks, the hair that was transplanted could fall off – this is normal, so don’t panic. Your new beard will grow again after a while, this time with more lasting effects.

If you’re thinking of getting this treatment and be a part of Louisiana’s hip and manly men, look for reputable plastic surgeons in Shreveport, LA today. Make sure that you learn as much as you can about the procedure before getting the treatment, too.

(Source: Beard transplants a growing trend, CBC News)

a side profile of a man who got a beard transplant.

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