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Vein Removal

The award winning Excel V laser has the flexibility to treat superficial and deep vascular conditions including broken capillaries, spider veins, reticular veins, and the most vascular irregularities on the face and body. Typically 1-2 treatments are needed. Prices vary per area.

Vein Removal

Do your legs feature a network of spidery veins that crisscross your skin in every direction? If so, you’re in good company — millions of adults in the United States have spider veins on their lower extremities. While not necessarily dangerous, these veins can be unsightly, marring the surface of your otherwise smooth skin.
We treat vascular issues of all kinds, from spider and varicose veins to peripheral artery disease. In order to garner the best possible results, we’ve equipped ourselves with the latest technologies. When it comes to spider veins, we’ve found great success with our excel® V laser system. Here’s how this innovative technology effectively frees your legs of unwelcome spider veins.
The tangled web they weave
Before we dive into our treatment of spider veins, it’s helpful to take a quick look at how they got there in the first place. Spider veins occur when veins close to the surface of your skin dilate, which is what makes them visible. The exact cause behind this dilation isn’t known, but we suspect that the following play key roles:
Sun damage (especially on your face)
Hormonal changes

Spider veins affect twice as many women than men, which makes sense given that some of the risk factors are unique to women. In fact, reports suggest that a full 50% of women are affected by spider veins.
Spider veins largely develop on your legs because of simple geography. Your legs are far from your heart, which means your veins need to fight both distance and gravity to deliver blood back to your heart. To help in this endeavor, your veins are equipped with tiny valves that shut off to prevent your blood from spilling backward. If these valves become damaged or weakened, it places you more at risk for developing both spider and varicose veins.
Shining light on the situation
The good news is that, no matter how your spider veins developed, we have just the tool you need to clear them away. Called the excel V, this state-of-the-art laser system delivers light energy at two wavelengths (532 and 1064) using long-pulsed Nd:YAG technology to clear away the vascular lesions.
The differing wavelengths allow us to treat both superficial veins, as well as deeper vascular lesions, all with one tool. The light energy destroys the veins, leaving your body to flush out the debris naturally through its lymphatic system.
If you’re concerned about damaging your circulatory system, rest assured that these veins aren’t responsible for much in terms of delivering your blood. Not to mention, any blood that was making its way through these tiny veins will reroute through healthier vessels.
The process
The excel V treatment is incredibly quick, often lasting only 15-30 minutes, and then you’re free to get on with your day. The device is equipped with an integrated sapphire cooling system called CoolView™, which ensures your comfort and safety by providing cooling before, during, and after your treatment.
When it comes to how many treatments you need, it’s a difficult question to answer without knowing the extent of the problem. Some of our patients need only one treatment while others benefit from two or three. During your initial consultation, we sit down with you to review your treatment area to come up with an appropriate plan.

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