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BodyTite Arms

Can BodyTite Treatment Reduce Bat Wings?

Short Sleeves can be a Reality 

As the warmer weather approaches each year, we dread it since it means it's the season of hiding our flabby arms under long sleeves. If this makes you anxious and you are finally ready to wear sleeveless shirts and show off your arms with pride but aren’t willing or able to undergo extensive cosmetic surgery, then BodyTite for arms can help! Dr. Kenneth Sanders, triple board certified, is proud to offer the revolutionary BodyTite treatment system here in  Shreveport, Louisiana. It's a minimally invasive fat removal and skin tightening solution all in one! BodytTite for arms can help give you the smooth, slim, sleek arms you’ve been wanting.


Ditch the long sleeves and regain your confidence with BodyTite skin tightening and fat removal in Shreveport, La.

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