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What Can SkinMedica Do For Your Skin

What Can SkinMedica Do For Your Skin

Drugstore and beauty store shelves are packed with products that make big promises. However, many of these products are poorly formulated, and some can even cause more harm than good. 

Irritants, allergens, and comedogenic ingredients can leave your skin dry and dull, and they can even trigger a breakout or rash. 

However, Kenneth Sanders, MD, of Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery in Shreveport, Louisiana, recommends SkinMedica to his patients, as the brand’s products are made with ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective.

Read on to find out why SkinMedica is Dr. Sanders’ choice for skincare, and learn about the concerns that the SkinMedica line addresses. 

Improve skin elasticity and add plumpness to your face

If you're concerned about poor skin elasticity, jowls, or sagging cheeks, you’re in luck, because SkinMedica has a formula tailored to your needs. Rich in growth factors, peptides, and antioxidants, the SkinMedica serums can visibly reduce the appearance of sagging skin. 

In studies, participants report looking up to six years younger after only 12 weeks of use. 

Moisturize and hydrate 

With most moisturizers, your skin feels soft and looks replenished immediately after applying them. However, the effects are usually short-lived. 

To keep your skin looking hydrated and refreshed all day long, the scientists at SkinMedica developed a formula that contains time-released hyaluronic acid, which ensures your skin will feel hydrated for up to eight hours. 

Fight the signs of aging on your face and neck

The face, under-eye area, and neck all have different needs. SkinMedica has tailored formulas for all three, each containing antioxidants, peptides, and growth factors. 

Exfoliate and cleanse 

If you need a gentle yet powerful cleanser, the exfoliating cleanser from SkinMedica could be your perfect choice. It contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, and malic acid, which can gently remove dead skin cells to reveal a younger and fresher skin layer. 

Fight oxidative stress and pollution 

It’s no secret that air and water in urban areas are exposed to pollution. Fortunately, SkinMedica developed a formula that protects against air pollution. Furthermore, it also helps protect against the blue light generated by computer screens.

Get professional skincare advice 

If you’re looking to put together a skincare routine that’s simple and effective, call 318-215-9551 or book an appointment online with Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery today. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Sanders, you’ll find out what skin type you have and what formulas will work best for your skin. Plus, you’ll get access to premium products developed by a top brand.

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