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The Secret to a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty

What do you think is the most common facial plastic surgery procedure? If you guessed rhinoplasty, you're right. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that over 350,000 rhinoplasty procedures — nose reshaping, in their vernacular — were performed in 2020. That’s about 125,000 more than it’s closest surgical competitor, eyelid surgery. 

Part of its popularity is due to the twin benefits of a rhinoplasty, as it can both improve the appearance of your nose and its function, such as enabling easier breathing. But with so many surgeries, some of them end up more botched than beneficial. Luckily, at Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery in Shreveport, Louisiana, we know the secret to a natural-looking rhinoplasty. 

Dr. Kenneth Sanders uses his in-depth training and decades of experience to create amazing results for every patient he works with. He is known as a referral center for rhinoplasty from other surgeons in the region, whether they it’s for things they don’t want to do or aren’t comfortable doing. He takes the time to talk with you to determine the best approach so you can reach your aesthetic goals. In this post, he covers rhinoplasty basics, what to expect during surgery, and how he unlocks the secrets to a natural-looking rhinoplasty. 

Rhinoplasty basics

A rhinoplasty is a surgery performed on the nose. It can be performed to improve breathing, change the appearance of the nose, or both. Your nose has three main structures — the nasal bones near the bridge, cartilage for the majority of the nose, and skin. A rhinoplasty can involve just one or all of these parts. 

Rhinoplasties can be open or closed, depending on the type and extent of the changes they wish to make. The procedure can be used to correct the following:

Many patients seek to combine a functional rhinoplasty, which may include fixing a deviated septum, with a cosmetic rhinoplasty, which could correct asymmetry or reduce a nasal hump. It should be noted that insurance typically covers a functional rhinoplasty but not a purely cosmetic one.

About the surgery

A rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery, which means you go home the same day as the procedure. For a closed rhinoplasty that requires less shaping and sculpting, Dr. Sanders makes the incision inside your nose. An open rhinoplasty adds an incision between your nostrils on the outside, but scarring is small and barely noticeable there. 

Once the incisions are made, Dr. Sanders gets to work sculpting the bone and cartilage to create your desired changes. If you want a smaller nose, he may remove cartilage to reduce its size. To build structures for better breathing, he can add cartilage taken from your ear or nasal septum. After surgery, Dr. Sanders gives you specific self-care instructions to follow during your recovery. 

Secrets to a natural look

Dr. Sanders talks through the improvements you wish to make and determines if they’re realistic as well as in proportion with your overall facial structure. Dr. Sanders uses cutting-edge technology to make sure you get natural-looking results — and you get a look at them before your procedure. 

Before surgery, he uses Vectra 3D imaging software for soft-tissue visualizations and advanced analysis. He also uses MirrorMe 3D printing to create a life-like preview of your results. You can go into surgery confident that you’ll get the look you want.

To learn more about rhinoplasty, book an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery today. 

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