Mini Master Class with Colorescience

Kenneth Sanders

Class has been postponed until June. New date will be announced soon.

We live in a fairly technologically advanced world. We have computers that can do just about anything from accounting to editing movies. Printers that copy, print and fax are the norm. Few households are without a microwave oven these days and now you can mop and vacuum your floors with a robot that doubles as a fun, riding toy for your pets. You would think with all these modern, useful conveniences, we could figure out a way to simplify a “beauty” routine. A system with products that protect your skin from sun damage, that serves as a skin care regime, adds color and is doctor recommended. An all-in-one makeup brand of sorts.

Wishes do come true sometimes. After inventing mineral makeup and creating a line of mineral-based cosmetics that took the world by storm, skin care expert Diane Ranger set her sights upon developing a professional-strength makeup collection based on minerals. Colorescience uses pure micronized minerals that are processed properly and are completely water-resistant which allows them to form a protective barrier on the skin, allowing skin to stay clean and clear. With their high-tech ingredients, you can experience makeup that does more.

Colorescience is a luxury-infused makeup that does it all and has received high praise from physicians as being 100% healthy for your skin. It’s breathable, soft, and includes only the best, most meticulously blended nourishing ingredients: antioxidants, peptides, breathable zinc and titanium dioxide. It’s important that you use products that suit your particular skin type and that address any of your skin’s issues. Instead of buying more products than you actually need, Colorescience products take the guesswork out of the beauty routine and our Pure Skin Med Spa aestheticians will customize a skin care routine perfect for you.

We invite you to join us on April 8th (Postponed until June. New Date will be announced soon.) for a Mini Master Class with Colorescience representative Brittany Barbre. You will learn what products will be best for your skin as well as application techniques. As a bonus, each attendee will receive a Free Beauty on the Go Palette and SPF Lipgloss. Your $50 reservation fee will be applied toward your purchases at the event. You’ll be amazed at the coverage and protection that Colorescience offers. Proper skin care should begin early and it’s never to late to start.

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