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Looking Good Takes a Bit of Work: Having Plastic Surgery in Shreveport

No one is born perfect. Many people have minor imperfections that bother them whenever they look in the mirror every morning. This is where plastic surgery in Shreveport comes in. It may seem overkill to go under the knife to improve your appearance, but people do it nevertheless. In a recent article for, writer Prachi Gupta talks about some of the quirky upcoming trends in plastic surgery, with dimple implants being an example:

Dimples are so darned cute that you’d never know they’re actually evidence of defective muscles. The dimple surgery involves a tiny incision on the inside of the cheek. The whole thing is pretty quick, taking no more than 30 minutes. For this woman, it’s “kind of like being A-cup and waking up with DDs”

Adding dimples is just the beginning. Skilled Shreveport plastic surgeons like those from Knight and Sanders would be able to do other things like widen your eyes, change the shape of your nose, and reduce your weight. However, you’ll have to choose the right plastic surgeon to get the best effect and safest treatment.

When selecting a plastic surgeon, you’ll first have to make sure they are board-certified. To find out if your chosen doctor is qualified for the job, just visit the American Board of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This ensures that your doctor is fully trained in his or her chosen specialty of Facial Plastic Surgery or General Plastic Surgery. This also means that they passed all written and oral tests for the position. Additionally, a license is renewed every ten years.

Second, do a background check on your doctor. Every state usually has records on a doctor’s professional performance. Malpractice lawsuits are definitely a warning sign. Additionally, patient reviews are also often available online.

Third, make sure your surgeon has hospital privileges. Some doctors have their own clinics, but a hospital is more trustworthy. This is because they too do background checks. If your doctor isn’t allowed to operate in a hospital, this is a red flag.

Finally, have some questions ready for your surgeon. This does more than satisfy your curiosity; it also ensures your safety. Questions like whether the doctor has done the procedure regularly or whether they will do the entire operation will need to be asked.

(Source: The 7 weirdest plastic surgery trends,, May 25, 2014)

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